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A song that tells an unexpected story. High Noon

High Noon

High Noon Video Still

High Noon is a song that tells a story,  not of an old west shootout, but a modern unexpected once in a lifetime encounter.  And only a few encounter this, but still many who can relate to the experience of this rare surprise.  I will not tell the story here, but let the song tell the story and the lyrics are written below the song player, but do not use the lyrics if you can follow along with the song.  For it’s not just the story, but how it’s told that makes the greatest impact.

The best part of the ballad is the part that’s not told. Purposely let hanging by the songwriter, the ending is different for almost everyone and can go in many directions.  This part is meant for personal reflection and many inward questions will be thought.  Depending on the persons experiences this could be a very sad, angry or joyful song.  This song is about a very important part of this experience, focusing on only one persons aspect of it.  I present to you High Noon. Music By Alloy Dream, lyrics by Rybird.

More information about Alloy Dream can be found at: http://www.rybird.com/alloy-dream.html

Alloy Dream is a Psychedelic Metal Rock Band
Produced by  Audio Weapon and Rybird

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Alloy Dream

High Noon Alloy Dream2012allrightsreserved.

It was high noon
nothing seemed right
sky still held the moon
the streets empty like night

a woman was coming out of a door
a woman with child
never saw her before
may once, it was a while.

She said, Hey remember me?
Then she looked kinda mad
I wonder who could she be
and she mumbled something about a Dad.

I looked at the child
about three foot three
looked like the woman
from what I could see

She said,  He is what you were and
you are what he will be.
I thought to myself
no this couldn’t be

That night in Reno, she mutters.
and now I can see.
I start to stutter
but the boy he was me

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