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Firefly, a once in a lifetime encounter with beauty.

Female Dancer


It’s something usually reserved for the God’s, taking a negative and turning it to a positive,
but we can do the same thing and we do it all the time. Taking something that at first might appear dark or negative and looking at it differently to see the positive. This can be beautiful and is such the case as this story.
Based on a one night stand, that some might deem drunken and loose, others might see it as youth and excitement, which was the case of this story, still there is a great beauty to be found in one person connecting so deeply even if for a very short time. We are talking about a dancer, picking up a male patron and taking him home. While that in itself may sound inappropriate or otherwise, there is great beauty in the human connection.. Words alone cannot describe the beauty of one connecting on such a level with someone else, especially when it does not involve a long term relationship. Firefly is such an  encounter.

Firefly by Rybird@2010allrightsreserved

I saw a fire fly tonight,
I saw her flash once, maybe twice
Then she flew behind the tree
I went to look so I could see

A dancing girl up on the street
She waved me once maybe twice
Then said come one lets go
And started her wayward stroll

I followed a fire fly tonight
She flashed me once maybe twice
She spread her wings so I could see
The beauty that life could bring

As she took me up the stairs
I marveled once maybe twice
She said close the door it’s fine
And said to make her all mine.

I caught a fire fly tonight
She flashed me once maybe twice
I let her go so she could fly
And will always wonder why

I embraced a fire fly tonight
She flashed me once maybe twice
As she flew into a dark sky
She flashed me twice to say goodbye.


Rybird Music

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