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Kåra: American Electronic Music Project.

Kåra is an American Electronic Project

Kåra is an American Electronic Project


Being a musician, I can especially appreciate the work that goes into the music, and the methods of creativity that an artist employs. One such artist with a vision is Kåra,an American Electronic Music Project. – Rybird




Kåra is an American Electronic Project founded in October 2011.

The dynamic vision of Kåra is to offer a vast array of music via the Electronic genre. The “outside the box and beyond thinking” stems from its styles which includes; Drum and Bass, Dub Step, EDM among many others.

The visionary responsible for Kåra comes from its main producer Kerrin Johansen. Based in Georgetown, Delaware, Kerrin does midi compositions, instrumentals, lead song writer, and oversees the project .

After the release of several demos, by November 2011, Kåra was given the human element via Jim Rustemeyer who is based in Padam City, W. Virginia. Jim’s virtuoso addition of live bass, gutiar, and vocals further enhanced the dynamics of Kåra providing unique sounds that have been a “signature” to Jim. Jim is also a co-producer of the project.

The true vision of Kåra is to enhance sounds that go well beyond “the box” and provide a true unique music experience for all style of listeners.

You can hear more Kara music here:   http://www.mixposure.com/kara

KÅRA -Short Fuse

 Jim Rustemeyer and Kerrin Johansen  are currently working on the upcoming EP for Lawsuit Pending Records.

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