I create to feel alive. I create because I feel alive.

Music is music.

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Music is music. Whether recorded on a $10 microphone or in a multi-million dollar studio by some hot shot sound monkey.  Just image all the resources that go into producing all the “BIG” hits just to have millions listening on a speaker the size of an ants ass. Music is music. Whether it’s accompanied by lyrics or not. Melodic storytelling (singing) is an adventure for the listener to follow, A setting for a mood, interesting, and the center of attention for a piece of music. Instrumental music, even if it’s done with a human voice, can speak thoughts and feelings without words and the listener interprets their own mood or story that’s being told using their own imagination and creativity instead of being led along. Even though the spoken word is the single most important sound humans attune to, how long could you listen to a capellaall the time before you go crazy.

Respect artists that compose and perform even if you don’t care for that particular style. A lot of time, creativity, and hard work go into producing music and contrary to popular beliefs music is not free. It has a price paid by the lifetimes of devotion and perseverance. Support your favorite independent artist, even a little means a lot to them!                     Audio Weapon.


Part II.

If I  am listening to the music and thinking about how it was made, or if the vocals are coming in too late, or that the kick drum is too loud, and notice the song is too long, etc, then I am not enjoying the music as it was meant to be.  I feel music is not to be judged any more than a pine tree or an oak tree.

We don’t admire a might oak tree by saying to ourselves , the branches at the top are too close together and that tree is wider and the leaves are darker green on that tree.  Have you ever seen a perfect tree?  The imperfections give the tree the personality and uniqueness that make that tree perfect in it’s own right.

Music is the same way.   I  enjoy the music for how it makes me feel, or dream, or perhaps it gives me energy and makes me want to dance.   It’s just music, not something to criticize, although it happens all the time.  Proof of not listening to music properly is criticism.  I can discriminate what kind of music I want to listen to by how it makes me feel, but unless I am trying to learn more about music structure or theory, I should not worry how it was created or the actual structure of it.  That is how I feel it should be.   Rybird.

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