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New Original Electronica Independent Radio

Rybird Radio

Rybird Radio is new music by independent artists that is truly unique and original.  I picked a sufficient handful of craftsmen and women from literally thousands of musicians based on talent and originality. They also had to fall into a range of genres that has nothing to do with popularity but uniqueness in style.  They all have a blend of either influences or genres that range from ambient to chill-out to groove, electronica and electronic rock, that may be instrumental or vocal yet offer something rarely heard.  And that is music art, where the artist creates their own style and does not sound like every other artist you hear.   There are no local radio stations in my area that play electronica music and in my opinion is underrated. I use the term electronica to define the broad genre of all electronically produced music, even if it has acoustic or electric instruments in it’s performance.

These artists are independent, meaning they are putting their own resources and energy into this, although they already have made a name for themselves and each have a fan base.  Naturally good music is going to attract and keep listeners and Rybird Radio delivers.  Although there is not every genre of music on this radio, each song stands out as it’s own, a creation,  by a music artist that loves their work.

On the Radio page at: http://rybird.com/rybird-radio you will find logos of the artists that link to their respected pages, websites or profiles where you can hear more of their music and discover more about  them.  To know how you can help support independent artists such at these you can read my short blog  You can support your independent artist and for free.    The radio and the page are ad free, the music is played at random, only an occasional short reminder you are listening to Rybird Radio.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share this blog, the blog on how to support your independent artist and especially the Radio Page.



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