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Song in my Dreams

Another WeekendAnother Weekend – features the soundtrack Another Weekend from the Rybird album 2am

There was a song playing in my dreams.  I could hear it clearly and I was asleep,  dreaming.   I have had that happen before, but this time was different.   I woke up and remembered it.   I wasted no time in laying it down, which was no easy task.   I was excited, and grabbed the guitar first and picked out the main chords, but then I thought of the lyrics which some were fresh on my mind, but others were starting to fade.    I remembered the chorus first, “The weekend, the government takes off.” and then “ We must do our part to play the clown.”,  Some of the lyrics faded, but I had thought the day before about how many parts of the government takes the weekend off, along with many other people, but how certain things in life keep happening, such as births, war, spending money, etc.   I filled the gaps in my memory with the thoughts of the day before, not really trying to make a point, other than one important one.  That we have the opportunity to get involved “play the clown” and either be politicians, work for the government or vote as regular citizens.

The song wasn’t politically  motivated,  I heard it in my sleep and wanted to get as close to it as possible,  But the band in the dream wasn’t me, and knowing that I had never heard the band before or song and my mind had dreamed it up, it served as inspiration.  Later I made a video to Another Weekend as I named the song and placed some political minded video clips along with the music to both strengthen the  story line and to entertain.  I sometimes refer to it as the Election Year Song because that is when I wrote it.

I played the acoustic guitar, then the acoustic guitar through a virtual guitar amp for distortion to make it sound like an electric guitar.  I added some keyboard, then I played the synthesizer through another virtual guitar amp with effect to sound like a lead electric guitar.  I sang the vocals,  adding a reverb on the chorus and used drum loops, which are drums that were previously recorded in a studio.  The beginning is obviously a doorbell and the jet is a fighter jet taking off.   From dream to final mix down was about 34 hours, and the video was a separate project.

The lyrics are below the video and in the song, I sing, “baby”, but am referring to a soldier, because all soldiers are somebodies loved one.  Also the album 2am is available for streaming or download by click on the 2am cover art below the video.

Some Images are NASA Public Domain and are not subject to copyright.

Lyrics Another Weekend, copyright Rybird.

It is up to none of us, the government takes care of us, we don’t decide, we just drown,Rybird 2am
It is up to all of us, to go to the circus, to do our part, to play the clown.
It is up to all of us to go to the circus, to do our part, to play the clown.
The Weekend, the government takes off, another Vietnam, another baby “soldier” dies,
The Weekend, a new baby  is born, another check gets cashed, an other heart gets torn.
It is up to all of us, to go to the circus, to do our part, to play the clown.


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