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Videoblocks.com review

When I signed up for videoblocks.com 7 day free trial, I didn’t know what I was getting into.  I wanted to see their whole catalog so I signed up.  In minutes I was downloading stock footage and making my first concept music video.  I have been using videoblocks.com for almost two years and will continue to do so as long as I produce videos.

They have the footage separated by category and it’s very easy to find what you are looking for.  There are aerial clips of cities, and various landscapes, looping backgrounds, and special effects such as time-lapse, slow motion,explosions and other useful clips.  They have all the categories covered and some of them are talent based, such as dancers, cities and countries from all over the world.  Most of the clips are in high definition and include underwater as well as scenic waterfalls,landscapes and weather patterns. They have plenty of nature and wildlife, yet have a great selection of specialty clips.  They average about 15 seconds each which is almost always enough considering most scene changes last less than 5 seconds as a rule of thumb.

The also have lower thirds and audio for use.  They keep a record of your downloads, letting you know that you already downloaded a clip, saving you time, but if you lost it, there is no problem, you can download it again. There is a rating system for clips, but it can be turned off if it annoys you.

The contract can be misleading for some, so I will try to explain the basics.  As long as you are a member you can download clips and make videos, and if you stop being a member, you can still publish what you have created, but they do not want you downloading clips, closing your account, then producing your video later.  Or at least that is how I saw it and believe it to be fair. The billing has always been timely and accurate, and customer support has corresponded with me by email.

Right now they are offering two deals, “banners below”’; one that is a seven day free trial, and the other is the best deal which is 90 percent off, or $99 for one year.  If you just have one project, then perhaps the free trial is best, but if it’s an ongoing thing, then definitely the $99 is the way to go.

Update 06/04/2013
The 99 dollar special is expiring.
but they have a SPECIAL: Enter code SPECIAL89 for 80% off unlimited downloads.

$89 for 6 months of unlimited downloads

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